When marketing your business, one of the key things to ask yourself is “Who is your target audience?” It’s important as a business owner to understand who your customers are especially if your product or service speaks to a particular age group or gender, people of a certain level of income or education. But furthermore, learning who your target audience is comes from understanding what products and services you offer: what problems are you solving as a business owner and what tools do you provide to help your customer solve their problems?

It’s easy to think that marketing to anyone and everyone is beneficial to your store because the more exposure, the better. This can be the case for some businesses, however, when it comes down to time and money, narrowing down this information will help you keep costs down and get the most bang for your buck.

Your product or service may speak to a particular kind of person. Take notice of the customers that come to your store or make a purchase. Create a customer survey to identify specific parameters.

• Age
• Gender
• Income
• Household Occupancy
• Distance
• Education
• Occupation
• Race and Ethnicity
• Language
• Interests

Use the information to create a personal connection with your customers and determine the best strategies to use when marketing your business. You may find that digital advertising isn’t the right direction to go for your customers and sending a postcard to them directly will make a bigger impact. It’s all about catching people at the right time and the right place.

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