Last September, our company turned 30 years old. When thinking about this milestone, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is how lucky I’ve been to wake up and go to a place I love and enjoy every day. Over the thirty years, we’ve had the luxury of choosing who we work with. I think we have chosen a great set of clients that we can actually call friends.

I’ve been blessed to have great people around me early on in my career. People who saw, and emulated, my passion for excellent customer service. Providing a comfortable environment, where employees could grow and learn and have fun doing so, has been a huge part of the success of Overstreet. It’s not uncommon to have our vendors and clients make comments like “what a great place to work” or “how do you keep them for so long?” I hear this often. This is honestly the best feedback I can get as things work and get done when people are happy.

Having employees who truly enjoy arriving to work each day has played such a critical part in our success. When employees are happy, truly happy, this comes across in their daily interactions with our clients and vendors. Don’t believe me…When’s the last time you visited the DMV?

The 30 years has sailed by rather quickly, and it has been a relatively sweet ride. We have our ups and down like everyone, but more ups for sure.

If I have to offer advice: Hire younger, smarter and then get out of the way. Also, take care of your employees; they will take care of the rest.

—Scott Overstreet