About 36 million people moved in the United States between 2012 and 2013, representing 12% of the population.  Life for new movers is turned upside down, forcing them to start fresh and find new local businesses for products and services they use frequently from doctors to hairstylists to restaurants.

New movers present a time sensitive and great opportunity for you to effectively engage these consumers to try your brand. In order to take advantage of the lucrative new movers market, Overstreet ensures your brand message is in front of them first.  We identify and understand who these new movers are to make sure your message gets noticed.

About New Movers
The largest percentage of new movers is within the age range of 24-34. The largest group of new movers has an income of $50,000-$75,000, as many of them are renters versus homeowners. New movers are willing and prepared to spend money and have reportedly spent between $5,000-$9,000 before and after a move. About 80% of new movers redeem coupons from merchants before, during, and after their move.

Why New Movers are the Customers You Need
New movers can make up for lost customers. This is a great opportunity for you to make a great first impression before your competitors even get a chance to reach them. This target audience is 5 times more likely to become your customer if you reach them first. New mover campaigns bring in a higher return on investment than any other acquisition method. Once you’ve captured the new mover’s business, you have a higher chance of gaining their loyalty as long as the consumer remains in the same home.

Direct Mail Will Bring New Movers in Your Door
Gathering data quickly and efficiently is extremely crucial to running a successful campaign. Our sources include, but are not limited to, public deed records, financial records, telephone companies, utility companies and change of address forms. We compare all of our sources to provide you the most accurate list possible. Many companies that offer new movers programs have a 4-5 week lead time to produce new mover data, but we are able to provide this for you every week. Our weekly mailings ensure you’re first in their mailbox. The average direct mail response rate ranges between 2-6.5%. Our clients have recorded a response rate between 4-10%.